TK60 One-Step 
Healthcare-Grade Disinfectant

TK60 stands for total kill in 60 seconds. How is it possible our nontoxic, green disinfectant spray kills COVID-19, MRSA, and C-diff spores lightning fast? The answer is simple really. TK60 is comprised of 99.98% water and .02% (200 ppm) hypochlorous acid (HOCl) at the optimal pH. HOCl is nontoxic to humans and animals because it’s what our white blood cells produce to fight pathogens; our bodies recognize it. Kudos to mother nature.

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HOCl is also the part of bleach that kills pathogens. However, there is a very low concentration of HOCl in bleach, so bleach must be used at high concentrations to be effective. High concentrations of bleach are harmful to humans and can damage surfaces. At 200 ppm HOCl, TK60 has the power of a much more concentrated bleach product, without the negative consequences.


TK60 kills COVID in less than 20 seconds and other germs, including C. diff spores, MRSA, and TB, in one minute.

TK60 One-Step Disinfectant does not promote the formation of resistant strains of pathogens. It’s a big deal.

TK60 One-Step Disinfectant surpasses EPA and CDC requirements. We believe if you can do better, you should.

Swap out archaic disinfectants, disinfecting wipes, sanitizers, deodorizers, stainless steel cleaners, and window cleaners for TK60.

With a solution composition of 99.98% water and .02% HOCl, TK60 One-Step Disinfectant contains only the ingredient to get the job done.

TK60 One-Step Healthcare-Grade Disinfectant complies with FDA code for use on food contact surfaces with no rinse required.

The completely nontoxic formulation is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Say goodbye to scary warning labels. 

We can all agree that breathing is important and a hypoallergenic disinfectant free of fragrances or dyes trumps toxic chemicals.

The disinfectant is non-corrosive with exceptional surface compatibility. So you can disinfect more surfaces than ever before.

Simplify your training and procedures to save time and money. Everyone from your boss to your staff will thank you. #winnerwinner

Produce your disinfectant (and an exceptional all-purpose cleaner) on-site so you can help keep plastic waste out of our oceans.

Our devices are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. (in the great state of Texas). So they're readily available to ship. #domestic



Both TK60 and FC+ have superior safety ratings and are non-irritating to skin and lungs. TK60 and FC+ are conveniently dispensed ready-to-use ("RTU").

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