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R-Water Giving Back - Breaking the Barriers

Sponsor | Building on its commitment to invest in local industries and support diversity in leadership, R-Water participated in The Allied Golf Management Group’s charity tournament as a title sponsor on Sunday, July 18, 2021, at the Thorntree Golf Club. Kurt Thomas, retired All-American NBA player, and supporter of both R-Water and Allied was the guest of honor. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY

Associated Press - TK60 Now Available in Brazil

Press Release | For over a year The DownTown Condominium has served as the Brazil pilot site of R-Water’s eco-friendly device. The device is widely used in the United States to clean and disinfect surfaces in facilities such as hospitals, restaurants, sporting coliseums and more. In certain applications, the disinfectant is applied via drones. The DownTown Condominium has confirmed that they are impressed with R-Water’s device for both its performance and decreased cleaning costs... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Thrive Global - Rayne Guest of R-Water

Thrive Global |"As part of our interview series called “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A Founder”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rayne Guest. Women are a driving economic force, yet less than 30% of tech start-ups have a female founder. Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of R-Water is proudly among these ranks and one of the only female entrepreneurs in the disinfection and cleaning sector... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Today in Medicine - CDC Guidance Flawed

Today in Medicine | "In April 2021, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the newly named director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), updated the agency’s guidance on cleaning and disinfecting household and light-touch surfaces. ""Routine cleaning performed effectively with soap or detergent, at least once per day, can substantially reduce virus levels on surfaces,"" the CDC said. ""Disinfection is only recommended in indoor-setting schools and homes where there has been a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, within the last 24 hours,"" Dr. Walensky further expanded"... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

TK60 Submitted to EPA N List - Bottom Line Distributors

Press Release | Bottom Line Distributors, LLC (EPA Company No. 99783) completed the submission of TK60 One-Step Disinfectant for review and fast track inclusion on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) List N on February 6, 2021. Once approved, TK60 will also be available for consumers to purchase for home use. TK60 is a one-step healthcare grade disinfectant produced on-site by R-Water's patented device... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Authority Magazine - Rayne Guest

Authority Magazine | Can you tell us a story about the hard times that you faced when you first started your journey? It was rough; I was completely stressed out emotionally, physically, and financially but I was getting enough positive feedback to keep me going, including hugs from janitorial workers thanking us for doing something that improved their health while making their jobs easier... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

TK60 - One Minute Disinfectant Could Have Changed Course of COVID

Press Release | President Donald Trump stood at his podium on April 23, 2020, for a media briefing and said, "I see the disinfectant that knocks [COVID] out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning?" Disinfectants, of course, should not be injected – but that was clearly not what he said... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

I Am CEO Podcast - Rayne Guest

I Am CEO Podcast | Rayne was home birthed and raised in the mountains of Idaho. She attended 5 universities while studying various fields, including business, marine biology and nutrition. Over the last several years, Rayne has spent time in Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Africa and many others. Driven to ‘do good by doing good in the world.' Developing patented technologies for this cause... CONTINUE TO FULL INTERVIEW & PODCAST RECORDING

Audi Dallas- Fending Off COVID

CityBiz - Dallas | R-Water announces the success of its one-step, health-care grade disinfectant TK60 at Audi Dallas, a family owned and operated dealership and the country’s largest Audi service facility. With hundreds of customers and cars coming into the 80,000 square foot facility each day, safe and efficient disinfecting is an integral component to the Audi Dallas’ COVID response... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

CityBiz- TK60 and Texas Trauma Service Areas

CityBiz - Dallas/Houston | R-Water announces the successful adoption of its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulated device for quick and effective disinfection and cleaning at multiple Trauma Service Areas throughout Texas. Amid the pandemic, Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area G (RAC-G) began implementing R-Water’s patented devices in hospitals... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

TK60 eradicates COVID-19 in 20 seconds

AP News | Third-party testing conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) audited Microchem Laboratory confirms that TK60 eliminates 99.99% of COVID-19 in just 20 seconds. This far surpasses the EPA requirement of disinfectants... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


Newsmax | Thousands of pathogens are detrimental to human health, they mutate, and vaccines can only go so far in protecting us. Disinfectants are one of our greatest weapons in the fight against COVID and other infectious diseases, yet they have been misused for decades and COVID has unfortunately not changed this reality. Long before COVID-19 hit, Mark White, a friend and former governor of Texas, was aware of the senseless deaths caused by improper disinfection. What Gov. White understood, and what needs to be impressed upon us all, is that old-school disinfectants have multiple disadvantages. The global pandemic has highlighted just how impractical, inefficient and often harmful to human and environmental health they are... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Biz Women

The Business Journals: Bizwomen | As our communities struggle to open, women across America see their lives becoming more complicated as they juggle responsibilities at home and at work (which is often still at home), caring for coworkers, customers and family. Rayne Guest was focused on creating a safer, powerful cleaning solution. Covid-19 only has strengthened her resolve. "What is my mission? If you would have asked me that question in my early 20’s, I would have said that I wanted to make the world a better place and earn enough money to take dance lessons and travel at my leisure. Life experiences over the past two decades have brought clarity to my desire to make the world a better place... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Newsmax Disinfectant Labels

Newsmax | Research firm Nielsen reported a dramatic increase in the sale of aerosol disinfectants in March, with numbers rising 343% from just a year ago. This increase could have been exponentially higher had manufacturing companies been able to keep up with the sudden demand. In early July the EPA issued an official statement touting Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist as being safe and effective for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Associated Press

AP News | There is a dirty secret in disinfection; it’s rarely done properly. Studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirm that over 70% of new infections occur in those who are diligent about wearing masks. So where are we falling short? Disinfection. After lingering in the air, COVID lands on surfaces and survives for relatively long periods of time. We touch these surfaces. We place personal items such as face masks and cell phones on these surfaces. One of our greatest weapons in the fight against COVID and other infectious diseases are disinfectants, and they are being used at a ferocious rate in facilities and homes. However, their efficacy and safety hinges on proper use.... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Yahoo! News - TK60 Eliminates Human Coronavirus in 30 Seconds

Yahoo! News | Today, R-Water announces the results of an independent study conducted by Microchem Laboratory. The laboratory testing confirms that R-Water's one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant, TK60, kills COVID-19 in just 30 seconds. This far surpasses the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement of 10 minutes. TK60 is hypoallergenic and produced on-site via a patented device that can produce up to 300 gallons each day. The active ingredient in TK60 is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the same compound naturally produced by white blood cells to fight infections. Microchem Laboratory independently verified that TK60 eliminated 99.997% of human coronavirus in 30 seconds... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Healthcare Purchasing News - Viral Vigilance

Healthcare Purchasing News | While healthcare organizations have always been focused on reducing the risk of contamination and infections, whether it is dangerous microbes spread by high-touch surfaces, reuse of instruments that have not been properly cleaned/sterilized or other vectors, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of safe and effective disinfecting practices. On top of usual efforts to keep patient care areas and equipment free from infectious organisms, stakeholders throughout healthcare are now tasked with additional protocols to stem the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Hospitality Technology - Protect Your Guests

Hospitality Technology | While E. coli and salmonella were the main concern in the food service industry prior to COVID-19, sanitizers for these easy-to-kill pathogens will simply no longer cut it. It is prime time for proprietors of restaurants, bars and hotels to adopt new protocols and insist on advanced healthcare-grade products that are safe for food contact surfaces, staff and patrons. When reviewing products and procedures, the following three measures should be taken into consideration... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Facility Manager's Creed

Facilities Management Journal | A creed is a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions. Every day, FMs rely on a unique facility creed to rise above the many challenges they face. These challenges include coordinating teams and seamlessly maintaining countless operational components such as HVAC, air quality, pools and spas, kitchens, plubling, loss prevention, landscaping, lighting, public spaces, fire safety, mechanical equipment and health inspections, just to name a few. Before February of this year, these jacks and jills of all trades would have agreed "dirt is 90 percent of the problem, cleanliness is key." However, within the ever evolving and unpredictable new reality defined by COVID-19, cleanliness, with the emphasis on disinfection, is the new 90 percent... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Al Biernat's Dallas

Hospitality Technology | Al Biernat’s, an iconic Dallas destination steakhouse since 1998, has completed the installation of R-water’s disinfection technology. Texas Governor Greg Abbott rolled out and rolled back restaurant reopening plans earlier this summer following a spike in cases. To continue to serve patrons, the restaurant offered to-go and delivery services during the quarantine, and even launched a “meat market,” allowing customers to order food and where they could then prepare it at home. In July, the restaurant installed an air purification system, derived from NASA technology. Most recently, they implemented R-Water’s advanced technology which allows them to produce TK60, a hypoallergenic and food-surface safe healthcare-grade disinfectant. TK60 exceeds the EPA’s requirements to be on the N-List and national guidelines for restaurant sanitation, both in efficacy and contact time... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Operating Room - Wiping Out Pathogens

Healthcare Purchasing News | Implementing an environment-friendly disinfection system has resulted in killing pathogens quickly, preparing rooms faster and enhancing patient and staff safety and satisfaction, shares Liz Shelton, Administrative Director, Hospital Operations, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System. “We had R-Water’s disinfecting system as a pilot initially in 2018, to help speed up the disinfection process for rooms after treating patients for C. diff,” Shelton said. “We also wanted to decrease our turnaround time in our Operating Rooms. This system helps us achieve our goal to ensure we are keeping our nurses and patients safe while killing all harmful organisms.”... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Needville Press

Press Release | Today, R-Water announces the installation of its EPA-regulated device for the Needville Independent School District (ISD). R-Water technology allows for the on-site production of TK60, a hypoallergenic healthcare-grade disinfectant proven to safely and quickly kill COVID-19. “Disinfection is more than just cleaning,” said Curtis Rhodes, Superintendent of Needville ISD. “In addition to the work of our custodial staff, I wanted to empower our teachers and students with a safe disinfectant to instill a sense of confidence and security.”... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Thrive Global - Rayne Guest of R-Water

Thrive Global | I had the pleasure to interview Rayne Guest. She is the founder and CEO of R-Water, whose patented computerized device is helping in the fight against COVID-19. The device is installed in facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, and nursing homes. It uses only pure salt, softened water, and electricity to produce TK60, a healthcare-grade disinfectant and non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner FC+. While living in Los Angeles, Rayne launched her career in the green industry developing customized recycling programs for hotels and other commercial properties. It was in this line of work that she saw the substantial and lasting negative consequences of commercial cleaning and disinfecting products. In 2012, after a chance meeting with former Texas Governor Mark White, Rayne moved to Texas and founded R-Water... CONTINUE TO INTERVIEW

Forbes Women - Disinfecting Offices

Forbes Women | As restaurants, concert halls, offices and sports complexes seek to reopen to get people back to work and school and the economy moving again, everyone is looking for a way to make sure their facilities are safe against Covid-19. In addition to WELL-Building certifications you can use, there are a bunch of disinfectants that have passed government requirements to disinfect Covid-19. Some are currently used in hospitals, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that healthcare-acquired infections (HAI’s) account for about 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths per year in the U.S., stating that 1 of every 25 patients in hospitals alone get infected. (Sources tell me that they don’t report them all because they are fined for them)... CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

Green Connections Radio Podcast

Green Connections Radio Podcast | Is There a Non-Toxic Way To Thoroughly Disinfect Your Office, School or Facility? “For healthcare grade disinfection, the EPA has certain requirements….that you test against, and those lab reports, we showed 100% kill in one minute, which is actually really impressive, because most toxic products they use in hospitals for disinfectants take 10 minutes, have to be reapplied multiple times to stay wet for 10 minutes, and only have a 95% kill rate and still be approved by the EPA for healthcare grade disinfection.” Rayne Guest on Green Connections Radio podcast... CONTINUE TO INTERVIEW & PODCAST RECORDING

The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

The Entrepreneur Way Podcast | Rayne Guest is the founder and CEO of R-Water, whose patented computerized device is helping fight COVID-19. Installed in facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, R-Water uses only pure salt, softened water, and electricity to produce a nontoxic healthcare-grade disinfectant that kills pathogens lightning fast, and a nontoxic all-purpose cleaner and degreaser... CONTINUE TO FULL INTERVIEW & PODCAST RECORDING

New York Real Estate Journal

New York Real Estate Journal | Building operators have an opportunity to shine during the reopening process. Welcoming back tenants across cities and countries can be daunting due to strict requirements put in place to protect public health and safety. One key challenge is how to handle disinfection. The CDC recommends using products with the shortest contact time. Operational success comes down to proactive measures taken by decision makers, including their ability to avoid product shortages... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Biedermann Press release

Press Release | Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann is not letting his constituents and community suffer supply shortages amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving District 73 (which encompasses Comal, Gillespie and Kendall counties), the Representative also owns Beidermann’s ACE Hardware in Fredericksburg, Texas. There, he installed a device from local manufacturer R-Water to produce hundreds of gallons of multi-purpose cleaner FC+ and TK60, a hypoallergenic healthcare-grade disinfectant proven effective in eliminating COVID-19... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine

Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine | Connect this compact, wall-mounted device directly to your facility's water supply to create ready-to-use TK60 disinfectant and FC+ multi-surface cleaner. Bother solutions are free of toxins, color, and added fragrance. The device eliminates the need for excess cleaning supplies, chemical transport, storage and mixing... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Healthcare Purchasing News - Christus Mother of Francis

Healthcare Purchasing News | The rapid spread of COVID-19 may have depleted the availability of disinfection products, PPE and testing products more quickly than anticipated in any crisis/disaster plan for pandemic response, but that hasn’t dampened the resolve of healthcare Supply Chain professionals or the suppliers that fulfill device, equipment and service contracts. Because Supply Chain touches everyone and everything (in some way or another) the function and profession have endured heavy criticism for the shortages and otherwise lack of availability of certain products needed to cope and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Healthcare Purchasing News - EVS

Healthcare Purchasing News | Every day, environmental services (EVS) departments play an instrumental role on the front lines keeping hospital and healthcare facilities, patients, visitors and staff protected from infectious pathogens. EVS workers conduct routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in rooms as directed by industry guidelines and standards. Pandemic health crises, like COVID-19, however, may call for orchestrating additional measures of cleaning and decontamination in these settings... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

e4d Press release

Press Release | Texas-based R-Water has partnered with E4D Technologies, a medical device manufacturer located in the Dallas area, to ramp up production of their advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology. This timely partnership comes as Texas officials report record-breaking spikes in COVID-19 hospitalizations, up 37%on June 22, 2020, as compared to the previous week...CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Facilities Net  - R-Water

Facilities Net | R-Water manufactures a small EPA-regulated device that produces TK60, a one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant proven effective in killing Coronavirus (COVID-19) in just one minute, The device generates a cleaner (FC+) as well as a one-step cleaner-disinfectant (TK60) for use in hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, office buildings, restaurants, schools, and other facilities. TK60 is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It is composed of 99.98% water and .02% hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the same compound naturally produced by white blood cells to fight infections. The solution, TK60 requires only a 60-second contact time...CONTINUE TO FULL LISTING

medium Press release

Medium: Authority Magazine | I had the pleasure to interview Rayne Guest. She is the founder and CEO of R-Water, whose patented computerized device is helping in the fight against COVID-19. The device is installed in facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, and nursing homes. It uses only pure salt, softened water, and electricity to produce TK60, a healthcare-grade disinfectant and non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner FC+. While living in Los Angeles, Rayne launched her career in the green industry developing customized recycling programs for hotels and other commercial properties. It was in this line of work that she saw the substantial and lasting negative consequences of commercial cleaning and disinfecting products...CONTINUE TO FULL INTERVIEW

Clinical Lab Products Magazine - R-Water Device

Clinical Lab Products Magazine | R-Water, San Marcos, Texas, manufactures a computerized device that attaches to a facility’s water supply and, via a patented electrolysis process, creates cleaning and disinfecting solutions using only pure salt, water, and electricity: TK60 is a hypoallergenic, healthcare-grade disinfectant that kills pathogens including SARS-C0V-2, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and Clostridium difficile. TK60 consists of 99.98% water and .02% hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is nontoxic to people and animals. TK60 also complies with FDA code for use on food contact surfaces with no rinse required...CONTINUE TO FULL LISTING

City Biz Press release

Press Release | Shortages of disinfectants crucial to the safety of front-line workers and our beloved elderly population are going to be a problem for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, facilities such as Friendship Village Columbus, a senior assisted and independent living community in Columbus, Ohio are taking pro-active steps to ensure they can focus on quality care, versus searching for supplies. Two months ago, Friendship Village installed R-Water’s EPA regulated device that enables them to produce 300 gallons of their own disinfectant, TK60 at their facility daily...CONTINUE TO PRESS RELEASE

FM Link - City of Austin

FM Link | With the coronavirus spreading around the country and the world and supply shortages challenging many localities, the City of Austin, Texas, has taken charge to defend its community. Austin’s Building Services Department has implemented a game-changing technology from San Marcos, Texas-based R-Water. This technology enables Building Services to produce a powerful, hypoallergenic, healthcare-grade disinfectant and a hypoallergenic all-purpose cleaner on-site. The company says the disinfectant kills the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (which causes COVID-19) and other harmful pathogens lightning fast, without posing a threat to the workers using it...CONTINUE TO ARTICLE

City Biz Press release

Press Release | Today, R-Water announces the installation of its EPA-regulated anti-microbial pesticide device at Appletree Court Assisted Living, located in Richardson, Texas. Since the onset of the pandemic, more than2,300 long-term care facilities within 37 states have reported positive cases of COVID-19 and 12,000 deaths.This timely installation will allow for the on-site production of TK60,a hypoallergenic healthcare grade disinfectant proven effective in killing coronavirus (COVID-19),MRSA, and C. Diff. spores in just one minute...CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

Broadcast - KENS5 San Antonio | R-water offers a cleaning system to businesses wanting a germ- free space without negatively impacting the environment or human health... CONTINUE TO BROADCAST STORY

Yahoo Press release

Press Release | Coronavirus is rapidly spreading, and the City of Austin has taken charge to defend its community. Austin's Building Services Department has implemented a game changing technology from R-Water, a local, woman-owned company. This technology enables Building Services to produce a powerful, hypoallergenic healthcare-grade disinfectant...CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

DFWhc Press release

DFWHC Interlocutor | It all started out, like most changes do, with a problem that needed to be solved. The team at Christus Trinity Mother Francis Health System in Tyler, Texas was tired of the residues left behind by the bleach wipes they were using for disinfection and they were on a mission to find a solution...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

hcft Press release

Healthcare Facilities Today | Cuero Health has implemented a new, eco- friendly cleaning system that produces a nonhazardous, water-based, healthcare grade disinfectant and multi-surface cleaner without color, fragrance, and potentially toxic additives...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Riv rep Press release

The Rivard Report | Upon meeting her, it didn’t take long for Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of the San Marcos-based small business R-Water, to dive into the negative effects of toxic...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Texas MD Press release

Texas MD Monthly | The question – “Is your child allergic to school?” – may sound reminiscent of a dog eating someone’s homework, however the facts show “environmental allergies” are...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Texas MD Press release

Texas MD Monthly | The CDCs mission is to prevent infectious disease. OSHA lists exposure to hazardous chemicals, exposure to pathogens, and risk of slips and falls as healthcare hazards... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Critical Contact Time Press Release

When common infections become untreatable with antibiotics, prevention of transmission will be of even greater importance... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Easter Seal's Press release

Press Release | Easter Seals’ core purpose is to promote independence and create opportunities for people with disabilities to pursue their hopes and dreams... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


Microchem Laboratories | Scientists from Microchem Laboratories - an EPA approved testing laboratory - summarize current information surrounding superbugs in the United States... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Tx Hospitals Press release

Texas Hospitals Magazine | Superior efficacy against pathogens is just one of the many benefits of R-Water's advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


Houston Medical Times | R-Water is a small business based in San Marcos, TX that specializes in environmentally-friendly disinfectants. Their mission is to reduce preventable infectious diseases... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


Microchem Laboratories | TK60 disinfectant has a dwell time of only 60 seconds, a very competitive contact time compared to traditional disinfectants, which often have contact times ranging from 3-10 minutes... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


Press Release | In July of 2012, while Guest was still located in Los Angeles, she was on a Southwest Airlines flight to Houston and sat next to former Texas Governor Mark White and his wife Linda. During their conversation...The former Governor said, “Young lady, you belong in Texas”... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


San Marcos Corridor News | Recently, we have discovered one particular resident of San Marcos, whose company, R-Water, brings serious brains to the effort of protecting the beauty of our community and – with any luck – the rest of the world... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE