In the Fight Against COVID, 
You Deserve the Most Effective Disinfectant in The World

You also get an exceptional all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Bam. #winning

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Yup. That's right. We want better, just like you.

That sleek, white device in the banner produces TK60 and FC+. TK60 is the disinfectant that knocks out germs, like COVID, MRSA, C. diff, TB, and Black Mold, super fast. FC+ is that exceptional all-purpose cleaner and degreaser we mentioned. (Wait 'til you see your grout.) No wonder people are talking. #stillwinning


TK60 is nontoxic and kills COVID 30 times faster than most other disinfectants.

We can all agree that hypoallergenic solutions trump toxic chemicals.

Simplify your training and procedures to save time and money. #doingthingsright

TK60 surpasses EPA and CDC requirements. We believe if you can do better, you should.

TK60 does not promote the formation of resistant strains of pathogens. It’s a big deal.

Producing solutions on-site keeps plastic waste out of our oceans. #sustainabilitygoals

TK60 and FC+ are over 99.9% water. Each has one ingredient that gets the job done.

Our technology is made in the great state of Texas. It's readily available to ship to you. #usa

We're proud to be a woman owned business that supports diversity in leadership.