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San Marcos-Based R-Water Innovates in Nontoxic Cleaning, Disinfecting

The Rivard Report | Upon meeting her, it didn’t take long for Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of the San Marcos-based small business R-Water, to dive into the negative effects of toxic... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Are Your Children Allergic to School?

Texas MD Monthly | The question – “Is your child allergic to school?” – may sound reminiscent of a dog eating someone’s homework, however the facts show “environmental allergies” are... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

An Ally to the CDC and OSHA, R-Water's advanced disinfecting and cleaning device ushers in the tides of change

Texas MD Monthly | The CDCs mission is to prevent infectious disease. OSHA lists exposure to hazardous chemicals, exposure to pathogens, and risk of slips and falls as healthcare hazards... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Contact Time Critical, Three to 10 Minutes is Not Practical for Proper Disinfection

When common infections become untreatable with antibiotics, prevention of transmission will be of even greater importance... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Easter Seals Leadership Takes Worker Safety to Heart

Press Release | Easter Seals’ core purpose is to promote independence and create opportunities for people with disabilities to pursue their hopes and dreams... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Summary of Colistin-Resistant "Superbugs" in U.S.

Microchem Laboratories | Scientists from Microchem Laboratories - an EPA approved testing laboratory - summarize current information surrounding superbugs in the United States... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Texas Hospitals Magazine Corporate Profile

Texas Hospitals Magazine | Superior efficacy against pathogens is just one of the many benefits of R-Water's advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Efficacy Summary and Review of Regulatory Classification

Microchem Laboratories | Microchem scientists explain R-Water's TK60 efficacy and EPA regulatory compliance...CONTINUE TO FULL REPORT

TDADS Review of R-Water Technology

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services | TDADS reviewed the benefits of implementing R-Water technology in facilities under their leadership...CONTINUE TO FULL LETTER

Simple Solutions to Reduce HAIs

Houston Medical Times | R-Water is a small business based in San Marcos, TX that specializes in environmentally-friendly disinfectants. Their mission is to reduce preventable infectious diseases... CONTINUE TO FULL STORY

San Marcos company aids in flood recovery efforts

Community Impact | When Rayne Guest, CEO of San Marcos-based cleaning solutions company R-Water, saw the devastation from the flooding in Hays County on Oct. 30 and 31, she wondered how she could help... CONTINUE TO FULL STORY

R-Water Success Story

Microchem Laboratory | TK60 disinfectant has a dwell time of only 60 seconds, a very competitive contact time compared to traditional disinfectants, which often have contact times ranging from 3-10 minutes... CONTINUE TO FULL STORY

Eco-Conscious Disinfectant Startup Launches Headquarters in San Marcos

Greater San Marcos Partnership | In July of 2012, while Guest was still located in Los Angeles, she was on a Southwest Airlines flight to Houston and sat next to former Texas Governor Mark White and his wife Linda. During their conversation...The former Governor said, “Young lady, you belong in Texas”... CONTINUE TO FULL STORY

Protecting the Beauty of San Marcos

San Marcos Corridor News | Recently, we have discovered one particular resident of San Marcos, whose company, R-Water, brings serious brains to the effort of protecting the beauty of our community and – with any luck – the rest of the world... CONTINUE TO FULL STORY

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