Introduction to Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is defined as the use of products and services that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment when compared to other products intended to serve the same purpose.

In broad terms, green (or "eco-friendly") cleaning can and should be approached from four facets: human, environmental, effectiveness, sustainability.

As public awareness and demand for green cleaning increase, client-centered industries, have felt the need to evolve cleaning practices and choose green alternatives. While change can be uncomfortable for some, the long-term benefits of breaking the chemical cycle and implementing eco-friendly initiatives is clear.

Because R-Water's electrolyzed water technology helps simplify operations and reduce risk, the advanced technology can help ease this transition, while ensuring long-term benefits.


R-Water’s electrolyzed water technology helps facilities maximize their green cleaning initiatives by benefitting all green cleaning considerations, while streamlining practices and reducing costs.

  • Protecting Human Health and Safety - Nontoxic cleaning solutions protect staff and patrons from exposure to harmful chemicals, germs and risk of accidents. LEARN MORE [+]

  • Eco-Friendly Technology for Cleaning and Disinfecting - Advanced cleaning technology helps facilities reduce trash and waste, decrease carbon footprint, protect water resources, and reduce VOC’s. LEARN MORE [+]

  • Nontoxic meets Powerful Disinfecting and Cleaning – TK60 and FC+ Solutions are made using only pure salt, water, and electricity, and they kill germs faster and clean better. LEARN MORE [+]

  • Sustainable for Our Future - Implementing electrolyzed water technology benefits long-term health and safety goals for everyone and the environment we share. LEARN MORE [+]

The Harmful Life Cycle of Chemicals

Toxic Chemical Manufacturing Process

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